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Number 9

The number of the week is number 9.

Share with your children different ways of representing 9.

It could be combining dice together.

It could be looking at making 9p.

It could be recognizing 9 on a clock and understanding that 9 o clock is school  time.

If you need any help or ideas , please look back on previous number of the week sheets.

Pizza making


The reception children were very eager to create their class mascot a surprise party for his birthday. They invited their year 6 buddies but needs to make sure they had some party food. They decided to make healthy pizzas. They talked about lots of healthy fruit and vegetables, that they’d like on their pizzas. We got the oven , rolled the dough and made the most delicious healthy pizzas wood field has ever had!3451C45C-9451-4F28-AF4B-2BF82E969520